Dean Johnson

Host | Innovation Expert, Futurologist, and Keynote Speaker

Introducing Beep's exclusive CES video series.

Shafi Ahmed

Guest | Surgeon, Futurist, Innovator, Educator

Dean chats with Shafi Ahmed, 'the world's most-watched surgeon.' An incredible humanitarian and innovator, Shafi puts healthcare technology under the microscope. He discusses an increasing reliance on tech, the future of patient care, ethical frameworks, and more.

Robert Day

Guest | Director of Autonomous Vehicles at ARM

In conversation with Robert Day – Director of Autonomous Vehicles at ARM – today's chat steers us towards a utopian future for transport. Along the road, we discuss the tech behind vehicle autonomy and the challenges with legal frameworks and public perception.

Consumer Technology Association
What's next? is an exclusive Beep video series. In this CES special, Dean interviews iconic creatives and technologists from around the world, exploring everything from historical achievements to 'what's next?' for their industries.
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