James Jensen

Guest | Hyper-Reality Pioneer and Founder at The VOID and JUMP

Dean’s latest guest is James Jensen, former Co-Founder of The VOID, CEO of JUMP and pioneer of hyper-reality. James discusses issues facing consumer-focused VR, including creating shared experiences, engaging all the senses, and making immersion meaningful. James also shares his thoughts on big-tech's role in propelling the sector forward.

James Jensen is the previous creator and co-founder of the world-renowned virtual reality company The VOID. James is now pioneering a new form of VR, called hyper-reality, in the form of the multi-sensory entertainment company JUMP, allowing people to come as close to base-jumping and flying as the real thing, but without all of the risk.
Moritz Waldemeyer

Guest | Artist, Designer, Wearable Tech Pioneer

In this edition of our CES Special, Dean discusses wearables with mastermind Moritz Waldemeyer. Moritz recounts works for A-listers in the music industry, and discusses a stagnation of adventure and creativity within big-tech. Moritz also reflects on working with Bentley Motors and a shift in priorities for car manufacturers.

Don Levy

Guest | Entertainment Technology Legend and Industry Analyst

Our final talk for this CES Special sees Dean joined by Don Levy, who spent 17 years at the helm of Sony Pictures' Marketing Communications. Don reflects on a fascinating career, discusses his stars of the show for 2020, and muses on CES's future after this year's all-digital endeavor.

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