The Sequel. Inspired by our creativity, commitment and imagination.
We made the first Power Surge film back in 2019. A lot has changed for Beep! in that time, and we wanted to reflect that evolution in this film.
As a team we’re always playing with new technology and gadgets, during the pandemic we got the opportunity to experiment with virtual production and oh boy, did we have fun! So this time we took it to the next level and created a film that doesn’t disappoint. It’s been a wild ride, the film premiered at CES 2023, Las Vegas and now, finally, we’d like to share it with you all to enjoy.
The Film
Lost in our imagination

We always like to challenge ourselves and we didn’t want to create a predictable sequel. We started the storyboard by pulling out one of the background characters from the original Power Surge and put them under a spotlight to see where it took us. The original Power Surge was set in the '80s, Power Surge 2 fast-forwards us into the '90s so we had a whole new decade to inspire us.

The last film was inspired by our attitude and approach. Power Surge 2 is all about our imagination and creativity, exploring new ideas and pushing the boundaries is what we do on a daily basis at Beep!

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“Technology runs through our veins and we always like to challenge ourselves to do things differently. Power Surge 2 is our way of proving that”
Craig Sparkes, CTO, Beep Digital
THE Brand
A real close encounter

Like any sequel, we wanted to evolve the brand to complement the new direction and potentially reach out to a wider audience. The design was influenced by a whole host of stuff from the 90’s, including the vibrant color palette, which inspired the title of the film; Neon Dreams.

The previous poster featured George standing in front of his favorite arcade machine. This time we see Lucas sat at the end of his bed, echoing the same grid perspective from the previous poster. He’s playing Power Surge on his SNES, which you can see in the bottom right of the poster if you look closely, it’s all in the detail.

The Tech (on set)
Unreal and virtually unlimited

We first witnessed the potential of virtual production back in 2020 at CES. Sony Innovation Studios were showing off their tech in a Ghostbusters themed scene using scenes, cameras and a replica Ecto-1. Our minds were blown and we knew we had to find a way to exploit this awesome tech!

For production studios, it’s the promise of total environmental control from the comfort of their studios, immersing actors in their environment without watching performances back on green screen, a means of cutting post-production time, and cutting their carbon footprint.

“What a ride, it was so refreshing to work on a corporate project that dared to be different and challenge the traditional marketing approach.”
Paul Hamblin, Head of Virtual Production, Treehouse
Riding the synthwave

The Midnight gets a regular slot on the Beep sound system. The cover art from one of their recent albums, Monsters, was the first addition to our Power Surge 2 moodboard. The synthwave duo pride themselves on empowering their fans with samples and beat, so that they can remix and evolve their work.

Check out The Midnight's music here if you’ve not had the pleasure.

Achievement unlocked

Much like the rest of the film, the Power Surge game has evolved since the original movie. The change we see brings the game forward to when 3d became the next big thing. The Power Surge transforms the side scrolling game to a ‘Space Harrier’ influenced level.

Space Harrier was revolutionary at the time, and we wanted to capture the thrill that we felt playing it for the first time. As the story unfolds, you’ll begin to notice how the game and Lucus’ environment begin to merge into the same timeline, symbolizing how lost we get in our imagination and creativity.