A short film inspired by our energy, enthusiasm and creativity
As an agency, we’re different in many ways. Power Surge is our story, straight from the heart and our beautifully eclectic minds
It all started back in 2019. We outlined a script, played with some storyboards and assembled a bunch of like-minded super talented producers, artists and creatives from our network to help bring our ambitious idea to life. It’s been a wild ride, the film premiered in 2020 at CES, Las Vegas and now, finally, we’d like to share it with you all to enjoy.
The Film
It’s all about the journey

No spoilers, but Power Surge is a nostalgia flick that reminds us all just how important it is to never give up. As individuals, growing up was tough for many of us, but we keep going, we fail, we learn, we push harder, we travel the world, we use our initiative and you know what, good things come your way, eventually.

However, stand together, and we are even stronger. Find your tribe, work together and do amazing things. For good, or just for fun, and that’s exactly why we made this movie!

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“Determination and a little bit of magic goes a long way. Power Surge represents our attitude towards our work and our connectivity as a team.”
Giles Vincent, CEO, Beep Digital
THE Brand
Inspired by pop culture

We created the logo from scratch, we wanted something that looked familiar and represented the time period we are so heavily influenced by. Colour was important too, the neon palette and noisy contrast helps maintain the nostalgia vibe we were looking for.

Influenced by the illustration and poster art by John Alvin and Drew Struzan, we designed and commissioned a cinema sized poster for Power Surge. The conceptual art pulls out some of the details and easter eggs from the film to maximize the visual composition.

The Tech
Focused on authenticity

Once we were happy with the outline of the story, we explored how we wanted it to look. We wanted to recreate that warm soft focus you got from all those iconic films from the 80’s. Treehouse nailed it when they got hold of a Cooke Anamorphic/I Prime lens for our two day shoot.

Framing, lighting and even clothing were all considered carefully to help produce a retrospective look and feel to capture the emotion and warmth you get from those much loved classics.

“What a ride, it was so refreshing to work on a corporate project that dared to be different and challenge the traditional marketing approach.”
Paul Hamblin, Head of Virtual Production, Treehouse
Hearing is believing

We were keen to recreate that soft analog sound you got from movies produced in the 1980’s. Inspired by legendary composers like Elmer Bernstein and John Williams, a series of magical sounds, retro sound effects and of course, music to amplify the nostalgia we produced to finalise the final cut.

Work hard, play hard

The list would be too long, but games like Contra, Double Dragon and Gradius (or if you’re old school - Nemesis) were a huge influence when it came to designing our own Power Surge game. We actually spent a lot of time (probably too much) thinking about how the game could represent Beep!

If you look carefully, you’ll notice that the different levels represent the locations we work within. London, San Francisco and Los Angeles all feature in our post-apocalyptic environments. All the pixel art was created from scratch and one day, we hope to bring it to life!